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Sam Moore and Bradington-Young Achieve Environmental Milestone

Virginia, North Carolina plants, corporate offices, distribution centers achieve EFEC registration

The Sam Moore and Bradington-Young divisions of Hooker Furniture have completed the industry-specific environmental management program known as EFEC, or "Enhancing Furniture's Environmental Culture."

Bedford, Va.-based Sam Moore was EFEC-certified in April by the American Home Furnishings Alliance Board of Examiners, and Cherryville, N.C.-based Bradington-Young was certified in June. Hooker Furniture's Martinsville, Va. facilities will be evaluated in mid-August, and certification is expected by the end of August, according to David Davis, director of engineering at Hooker and corporate manager of the EFEC program for all three companies.

"We are very pleased about this achievement by Sam Moore and Bradington-Young, and commend the employees for their leadership, hard work and environmental stewardship," said Alan Cole, president of Hooker Furniture Upholstery.


Sam Moore's Bedford, Va. plant and offices were the first in the Hooker Furniture corporate family to achieve the EFEC registration, followed by Bradington-Young. "I'm tickled that Bradington-Young was the second to achieve certification for Hooker Furniture Corporation and that they are carrying the environmental torch like Sam Moore has done," said Davis. "Both of the companies received unanimous approval by the EFEC Board of Examiners."

Through March of this year, while completing the EFEC registration process, Sam Moore reduced its landfill waste by 1.8 million pounds, resulting in a savings of over $40,000 in landfill costs. In addition, the company reduced its water consumption by 6.3 million gallons, reduced electrical energy use by 3.6 million kilowatt hours and reduced its use of oil by 344,000 gallons.

At Bradington-Young, the company reduced its landfill waste by a half-million pounds, resulting in a savings of approximately $12,000 in landfill costs. In addition, the company reduced its water consumption by 1.7 million gallons, reduced electrical energy use by about one million kilowatt hours, and reduced its use of oil by over 94,000 gallons.

"We are ecstatic at the progress of all the HFC employees, and are beyond where we expected to be 18 months after launching our corporate environmental effort," Davis said. The support from upper management has been superb, along with the grassroots effort of all the employees."

Sam Moore is a specialist in upscale upholstered chairs with an emphasis on cover-to-frame customization. Bradington-Young is a specialist in leather seating for the home, including sofas, loveseats, club chairs, reclining chairs, sectionals and reclining furniture.

Members of the Sam Moore EFEC team include: Phillip West, team leader; Debbie Caldwell, David Croft, Randy Goad, Angie Linton, Paul Overstreet, Brenda Parker and Pete Whalen.

Members of the Bradington-Young EFEC team include: Kathy Caldwell, team leader; Melanie Bollinger, Tammy Duncan, Mark Goodson, Susie Iler, Dorothy Imes, Paige Loftin, Nancy Wiinanen and Lisa Wise.

Members of the Hooker Furniture EFEC team include: David Davis and Scott Prillaman, co-leaders; Billy Lankford, Erica Wingo, Frances Rigney, Jed Vanhoozer, Marcia Miles, Robert McDonald and Debbie Lawless.

Members of the Corporate Sustainability Steering Committee include: Alan Cole, chairman; Charlene Bowling, David Davis, Phil Garrett, Anne Jacobson, Dale Smith, Kim Shaver, Phillip West and Erica Wingo.

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The American Home Furnishings Alliance-located in High Point, N.C., and Washington, D.C.-is the largest association of home furnishings companies in the world and represents more than 240 leading furniture manufacturers and distributors, as well as nearly 200 suppliers to the furniture industry worldwide.

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