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Furniture Safety & Health FAQs


Hooker Furniture strives to be one of the safest home furnishings brands in the world. We take extra precautions in engineering our furniture to inhibit tip-over hazards. Nevertheless, some of our furniture is sold with a tip restraint that attaches to the furniture and wall. It is very important that this tip restraint is installed to protect children.

You may have seen news reports about children being injured as a result of furniture or appliances tipping over on them. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that, on average, one child dies every two weeks when a television or piece of furniture falls on them. Such accidents prompted the Consumer Product Safety Commission to start their "Anchor It" Campaign.

Hooker Furniture not only follows the American Standards Testing &Materials (ASTM) voluntary tip-over safety standard; we actually have employees who serve on this committee, contributing actively to these efforts to prevent accidents with furniture. This ASTM standard sets furniture performance requirements to make furniture inherently safer. We suggest that you look for this label used in the ASTM standard:

For your families safety, we suggest that you only buy from manufacturers that build their clothing storage furniture to ASTM 2057 standards.


Formaldehyde is a naturally-occurring organic compound. Many years ago, glues with higher levels of formaldehyde were used in the production of furniture, but this has changed. A law enacted in 2009 by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) was very influential in the reduction of formaldehyde in furnishings. Hooker Furniture is completely in compliance with CARB Phase 2. This "Phase 2" represents a newer, lower emission standard for formaldehyde. Look for the CARB label on all of our furnishings, showing our compliance with the lowest emission standards for formaldehyde.

What is the source of strong odors in new furniture?

There are many causes of strong smell in new furniture. Following the CARB standards significantly reduced formaldehyde. However, other chemicals in varnishes and finishes may also have a strong odor for a short time. Just because there is an odor, this does not mean there are any chemicals in the furniture finish that you should worry about. If you experience some of the off gassing from the finishes, then you can ventilate your room by opening up windows or by using a central air system or something similar.


Hooker Furniture does not use lead in our finishes. Our finishes are supplied from large, experienced and reputable companies that also certify their products for not including lead. Hooker Furniture has also invested large amounts into several lead testing guns. These lead guns are one of the methods we use to verify the absence of any problem levels of lead.

What you need to know about flame retardants

Have you ever seen that label on your furniture that has a statement similar to: "Under Penalty of Law, This Tag Not to be Removed?" This label is a way states monitor upholstery manufacturers to ensure certain law licenses have been renewed. Besides collecting fees, some states have additional regulations.

For example, California has been concerned with the flammability of upholstery. In 1975, California created a standard called TB117 that required the use of flame retardant chemicals in upholstery foam. Because of research that indicated these flame retardant chemicals could contribute to certain health problems, this law was changed in 2013, and took effect on January 1, 2015.

The new law called, TB117-2013, no longer requires the use of flame retardants. There is a great deal of acceptance of this new law, such as CPSC Commissioner Mohorovic proposal that their agency adopt California's Technical Bulletin 117-2013. 2 After this new law was passed, our suppliers stopped adding flame retardants to their materials. We began utilizing the flame-retardant-free materials as soon as they were availabl. As of 2015, all Hooker Furniture Upholstery, Bradington-Young, and Sam Moore residential furnishing are exclusively being manufactured with flame retardant free materials


Hooker Furniture is proud to be a certified member of the C-TPAT program since November 2011.

C-TPAT is a voluntary initiative that builds cooperative relationships from the point where furniture originates to the store where you purchase it. The objective of this program is to protect the supply chain, identify security gaps, and to help implement security measures and the best practices possible.

Becoming C-TPAT certified means fewer supply chain disruptions such as container examinations, and reduces the likelihood of your cargo or shipment being used to smuggle illegal drugs, people, or instruments of terrorism into the U.S.