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On behalf of all the employees at Hooker Furniture Corporation, we thank you for purchasing our furniture. Your retailer can assist you in many areas. We would, however, like to know more about you. Therefore, we ask you to complete the following questionnaire. This will register your purchase, and you will become eligible for twice-yearly drawings for $5000 worth of Hooker furniture through the dealer from whom you purchased this product. Please note that your responses will be used for our purposes only. No names will be sold to outside mailing companies.

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I care more about how my home looks than most. It is important to me that my whole house be a place where kids can be kids. I am still trying to make my home the home I've always wanted. I'll never be satisfied with how the inside of my home looks. Impractical furniture is okay as long as it is especially attractive. If furniture cannot stand up to some use and abuse, it doesn't belong in my house. When I buy furniture, I'm thinking about how it will look to visitors and guests. I think a home is more appealing when it has a mixture of styles. Shopping for furniture and accessories is a way for me to be creative. I find shopping for furniture to be intimidating. I don't have the time or interest to worry about decorating. Friends sometimes ask my advice or opinions about home furnishings and decoration. We often entertain or have guests/family over. I consider myself a compassionate person. Being organized and punctual is an important part of character.

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