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Camille Tyson


611 W Russell Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301




-Graduated from West Chester University with a BA in Fine Arts and Design. I completed classes in design, color theory, composition, architecture, and the study of the Great Masters in the Arts and Architecture.

-I owned and operated my own custom drapery business for 10 years:  I designed, sewed, and installed valances, cornices, and drapery panels for entire homes.  I designed headboards, comforters, bedspreads and dust skirts for bedrooms.  I also constructed traverse and cubicle curtains for health care facilities.

-I spent a year of intensive training through Decorating Den.  While there, I learned about the elements and principles of design that are used to create harmonious and balanced interiors.

-I learned how to read and draw floor plans and elevations.

-I learned about the properties of color and how it can change the mood of a space, and alter perceptions about the space.

-I became familiar with paint systems, products and specifications

-I learned the importance of ensuring quality finishes on the floor, walls and ceiling to create a striking and functional backdrop for furnishings and window treatments.

-I learned about the technical properties of fabrics and their suitability for different end uses.

-I learned about the functional and aesthetic properties required for bed linen, rugs and decorative textiles.

I have 25 years experience in Residential and Commercial decorating.

-I have abundant experience working with numerous architects and building contractors in Eastern North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania in communicating my ideas clearly to electricians, builders and suppliers.  I have worked on many out of state projects as well.

-I have advised clients on projects as small as a bathroom renovation, to as large as designing and decorating entire homes and businesses.  Some clients needed help from their foundation to their shingles and everything in between.