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Carrie Kruschel


1775 West Rand Road at Route 53, Arlington Heights, IL 60004





Why I love being a Designer   

I love design because it provides so many outlets to express yourself; it makes life interesting. I graduated from Harrington College of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. There, I studied everything design; color theory, spatial planning, hand rendering, textiles, history of art and architecture and more. Through my education, I learned there are so many aspects that go into great design. 

In addition to the obvious aspects, history and art, there is also anthropology and psychology. History gives us a reason as to why design is what it is today. Art lends interior design the basic elements:
line, shape, form, space, texture, value and color. Anthropology, defined as the comparative study of human societies and cultures, gives me the ability to talk with the client and figure out what is important to them and why. Finally, psychology helps me better understand a client and their motives behind their style.
So many important yet diverse aspects tied up into one career. Interior design always offers a new challenge that I am more than happy to solve. Being able to go to work everyday knowing there is a new, exciting opportunity waiting for me drives my passion to be a designer.

About my Design Consultation Services 

Design is all about the visual. So what better way to start then having me come to your house? Home consultations are great because I am able to fully understand the space and what is needed when I am standing in it. 

I take an hour to measure as well as note the color, style and function of the space and how it correlates to adjoining rooms. I then create a presentation that includes a scaled floor plan, carefully chosen furniture, fabric and even accessories that stay within your budget!

Not looking to buy furniture, but still need advice from a design professional? No problem! I’ll come to your house to help pick out paint colors, think of new spatial configurations, and anything else you need my help with. Lets set up an appointment today!