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Chi Nguyen


4260 W New Haven Ave, West Melbourne , FL 32904





Chi Nguyen achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design with a Top Student Award from Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, Vietnam in 2006. She was selected to be a lecturer of Interior Design Department of Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture and has been teaching since 2007. In the same year, Chi launched Giahi.decor design firm, where she became established as a general manager and accomplished over one hundred residential and commercial interiors projects. In 2011, Chi received a scholarship from the number one ranking design institute, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This is where she obtained her Master of Arts in Interior Design.

“My design philosophy simply is: Design is passion”. My design style is tailored to clients, but if I am to choose one for myself, it will be: Modern + 10% of the past. There are three things I always keep in mind while doing my job: time, budget, and benefit for the users. I am fascinated by sustainable design and the true benefit for the inhabitants”_ Chi Nguyen