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Hollis Carroll


2009 North Clybourn , Chicago, IL 60614





With her bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Hollis started her post-university career interning with an award winning furniture and interior designer, Judson Beaumont, at his warehouse in Vancouver.  She also has done freelance product designs, including products for women.  Because of her background in this, she has specific knowledge about product design and manufacturing, which gives her an edge when picking out furniture.


What makes Hollis happiest about working with clients? "Meeting new people is always so fun. I never wanted a job where I’d be in an office all day only talking with coworkers. Here I get my wonderful coworkers plus tons of new friends and a chance to help them by doing the thing I love!"   

Hollis loves the range of styles Smithe has to offer - You’re not boxed into a corner when it comes to design here! She can help anyone with any different style and come up with something they’ll love.


Her favorite design tip?  "I learned this more from the fashion world but I think it applies to all things in the design world, start with your basics, then work up to pattern and color and the little bit of pop or flare that it takes to make something stand out, and change out the pop or flare at will!"


One thing that sets Hollis apart as a designer?  She is well trained in 3D rendering, which gives her the ability to envision a space from the ground up.  She is also skilled in drawing, which helps her clients envision the finished space. Pair that with her eye for color, and you'll find Hollis is a dream to work with!


Her best advice to clients when they start a new project? "Get inspired! Find a piece you love and work around that! It’s hard to pull a whole room together and get ideas but if you have even the tiniest bit of inspiration it makes a world of difference."


When not designing amazing spaces, you may find Hollis taking in a game at US Cellular Field.  "Baseball is my life, the White Sox are my boys, and as far as food goes, nothing beats a ball park dog and a nice cold beer," she says.  Hollis is also a collegiate rugby player, a sport she still has a tremendous passion for, as well as an avid reader.