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Ellyn Anderson


1775 West Rand Road at Route 53, Arlington Heights, IL 60004





About my Services...

Welcome to Smithe Furniture! I have had the great honor of designing clients personal, vacation and professional spaces for 26 years!  Over that time I have met and developed a wonderful client and referral base that I am very proud of. I enjoy the challenge of each new space, large or small. My clients appreciate my ideas and the confidence I bring with my experience to each and every project. I have the ability to conceptualize a space on first look and execute it in a way that surpasses clients expectations all while educating them on the design concept. Whether it is a whole house from blue prints or a few accessories my goal is to always bring the client the look they want with a little extra “Wow, I never would have thought of that” and always in a professional and timely manner. I look forward to helping you achieve your design goals! References available upon request.

About Our Products...

I believe a designer achieves the best results when given access to hundreds of vendors and is able to select just the right pieces for a client's home.  At Smithe, I have the selection and quality of product needed to make sure my clients expectations are filled and I am happy in the fact that the Smithe brothers restock continuously with fresh, on-point merchandise.  Just enough classics, just enough trends.... Perfect!

My Favorite Trends...

I love furniture, I love fashion, I love Fashion in Furniture!  I like to think of myself as a forecaster in color and trending styles.  I constantly keep up with whats happening - not just here, but in Europe and Asia as well.  I love to share this knowledge with my clients and infuse a bit of high style in every room I present.  Going above and beyond client expectations makes me happy!