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Jean Sloan


2009 North Clybourn , Chicago, IL 60614





Jean has been using her creative talents in the design industry since 1985, and with Walter E. Smithe since 2007!  She brings a variety of skills to the table, through her experience with managing various personally held real estate projects, a variety of residential projects, and some commercial.  Her design experience includes working for Donghia Furniture & Textiles.  Being among the industry's best architects and designers, especially working for Angelo Donghia, has helped Jean develop her passion for great design.  Continued experience with the industry's best resources has her well-equipped with knowledge, vision, function, style, color,  and trends, as well as durability, quality, and comfort. 


Why does she like being a Smithe Designer?  "My favorite part of working for an honest, trustworthy company is the full spectrum of design resources available at my fingertips. Our furniture groups are highly customizable. Our vendors are quick to respond with answers and always offer additional possibilities. Projects can be completed swiftly.  Along with the dedicated collective efforts respective to the Warranty department, Order Status, Delivery Department., and Customer Service at Walter E. Smithe, we are prepared to go above and beyond, which provides a very dependable solid structure to work within," says Jean.  


She enjoys meeting new people every day, and loves the endless creative opportunities this position provides.  She prides herself in being especially sensitive to the unique needs of her clients, and tailors the floor plans to fit their lifestyles.  Her favorite design trick?  "Use different hues of the same intensity alternately to effectively create continuity throughout a space."  


Best advice to clients when they start a new project?  "If you like the picture in the catalogue, it will blow you away in person."