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Kerrie Tatone


6600 SW Bonita Road, Tigard, OR 97224





Kerrie, an Oregon native, joined Paul Schatz Furniture in 2012. She has a degree in Graphic Design from Oregon State University and has been integrating both graphic and interior design in her career for over 20 years. I am inspired everyday by design elements all around me. I'm constantly analyzing the color, patterns, and textures of a visual snapshot, especially color! How colors harmonize together fascinates me. What are your main influences? What is your design philosophy? I feel it is a privilege when I'm asked to design someone's living space. In order to truly make their home a reflection of who they are, listening is key. Often they know what they want their space to "feel" like, however don't know how to get there. I get to know their personality, tastes, needs, and spending plan. Then, we're off and running.

What do you love most about designing? I love creating, it's intuitive for me. A client may already have wonderful pieces I can incorporate into the design or we may start with a clean slate. Either way, the joy of creating and making someone happy makes my heart smile!

What has been your favorite project to date? I notice that which ever project I am working on at the time, becomes my favorite. Whether it's a small project or a large one, I become attached to it as I work through the creative process.

What are your favorite rooms to work on? I enjoy them all; a home is so personal. Therefore, it's not necessarily about a specific room so much as what the client wants from that room. I love when they know I've heard them express their needs and wants and they trust me enough to say, "run with it." That's satisfying from the start!

What makes Paul Schatz special? Why should people come here for their furnishings? The fact we're family owned for over 95 years is huge! After I've put my heart into a project, it is very important to me that my client will be treated well throughout the process. The Schatz family is right beside us as we all work to give exemplary customer service.