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Mary Thompson


1775 West Rand Road at Route 53, Arlington Heights, IL 60004





Design is my "second act" and I love it! My professional life after college was in a teaching career that I found rewarding and challenging. When I felt I accomplished many of my goals....I took a look around to see what other career would give me an opportunity to tap into my artistic talents. 3 years later I received a degree in Interior Design and soon after my Illinois State Certificate. I owned my own  design business for a few years and learned a lot about billing, taxes, and everything my right brain found pedestrian.                                                                      

In the summer of 1987 I was in  the check out line of Service Merchandise...., to pass the time I struck up a conversation with the couple ahead of me in line. Sharing that I was a designer, the couple asked my opinion on their design project... they were thrilled to get some much needed guidance. After our conversation ended I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see a tall, handsome young man with a mustache..."hello".. He told me he owned some furniture stores and that he wanted me to work for him. Yes. it is true....I first met Walt Smithe shopping for a toaster.  

My "second act" has lasted 25 years and I feel like I never go to work...I go to learn. Each client brings a new challenge, a new problem to solve, and a new space to explore. Color, scale, pattern, space planning and personal style --the language of good design. Connection, listening, attention, respect and guidance---the basis of a good designer/client relationship. I am committed to making your world more functional and more beautiful. Walter Smithe Furniture is the best place for me to serve you in the best way possible. Those 25 years went by quickly...and I am hoping for many more.....and YES I still have the toaster!