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Pat Dolan


4999 Old Orchard Center - Suite J18, Shokie, IL 60077





Pat holds an interior design degree from Ray Vogue school in Chicago and has many years of experience in the furniture business. This includes work in wholesale accessories and gift lines, at the Chicago Mart, and the interior design of houses from Florida to Colorado. She very much enjoys helping people turn their rooms into spaces that reflect their own personality. Function is Pat's number one consideration. She likes to discover the exact needs of a room. How many family members will use it? What is the activity that goes on? Does it need storage? What existing furniture should be incorporated into the design? With basic questions like these answered, she can deliver a room with personality and great taste. For inspiration, Pat may be found antiquing or furniture browsing. She loves subtle colorations and mixing old with new. One of her dream projects was staging houses without color or style constraints for a Winnetka builder. The most exciting part of her design process is picking out the furniture pieces and coordinating the fabrics and finishes. She loves it when her clients are open to her suggestions but is always dedicated to listening and providing the style that reflects them best.