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Samir Hanna


5301 Clark Rd., Sarasota, Florida 34233


(941) 284-5593



Space planning: This service is tailored to assist a client who is in the process of building a new home or condominium. The service consists of a review of the client’s architectural plans and subsequently making recommendations to be reviewed with the architect or builder.

Some of the most common areas of recommendation: Window and door locations.

Electrical/lighting plans: Almost always a great interior needs special lighting that may be in adding soffits with lighting or additional wall sconces. In other instances the location of the light fixtures in relationship to the furniture layout can be crucial.

Selection Of Basic Finishes: This service consists primarily of having a dialogue with our client to asses the overall look and environment they desire and subsequently assisting them in their choices of wall, floor, ceiling finishes as well as cabinet style, counter tops selections for kitchens and bathrooms. Other choices such as plumbing fixtures and appliances are usually included in this process.

Furniture layout / floor plan: Our most essential service is providing our clients with a viable realistic furniture layout plan choice. This is the essential interior map that guides the client in all aspects of the interior of the home and subsequent decorating decisions.

Decorating services:

-Selection of upholstery and case goods
-Selection of lighting fixtures
-Selection of window treatments
-Selection of hardware and plumbing fixtures
-Design of built in cabinets
-Color and paint schedule Selection of all fabrics and other coverings

Art and accessories: We work with a wide diverse group of galleries and accessory showrooms to provide our client with a wide selection and price range to meet their individual lifestyle.