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Hooker, Sam Moore & Bradington-Young Recycle over One Million Pounds

The Sam Moore EFEC team at a recent meeting

Susan Shaver recycles at the Martinsville office

Recycling at the 58 East Warehouse

By David Davis

Hooker Furniture, Sam Moore and Bradington-Young reached an important milestone recently by recycling a grand total of over 1.1 million pounds of paper, cardboard and plastic.

Employees from all three companies have done a terrific job with recycling since Hooker Furniture began the EFEC (Enhancing Furniture's Environmental Culture) environmental program in 2008.

Here are the specific totals of recycled materials from each company:

  • Sam Moore has recycled 273,846 pounds of paper, cardboard, and plastic since May of 2008.
  • Bradington Young has recycled 514,833 pounds of paper, cardboard, and plastic since starting EFEC in June 2008.
  • Hooker Furniture-Martinsville has recycled 351,167 pounds of paper, cardboard, and plastic since starting EFEC in July 2008.

Total paper, cardboard, and plastic recycled for all divisions is 1,139,846 pounds.

EFEC has made a huge impact on how our employees handle these commodities. In the past, we threw away everything, but now we segregate our paper, cardboard, and plastic for recycling. The proof is in the numbers. As you can see, we have exceeded the one million pound mark for these three simple commodities that are used by all of our employees daily. Sam Moore and Bradington Young have also recycled leather, fabric, foam, and metal.

EFEC is not just about recycling. All divisions are working to save water, natural gas, and electricity. In the Martinsville warehouses, we have installed new a new lighting system that allowed us to reduce the number of our lighting fixtures by 70%. This is generating a savings of $2,000 to $3,000 a month. Sam Moore has started collecting wood so they can burn it in the winter. By storing wood for the winter they will be able to reduce the amount of fuel oil used in the winter.

Everyone is doing a great job and I look forward to the future. Our mission is: "We are committed to be good stewards of the environment through sustainable business practices that help preserve the earth's beauty and resources." Hooker Furniture Corporation is achieving this valuable mission. I'm very proud of what we all have achieved together.