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Hooker Furniture Adopts "Green", Paperless Order Entry System

Martinsville, Va.: Hooker Furniture's administrative office recently automated order acknowledgement and invoicing functions to a paperless approach that is not only saving time and money but also countless amounts of paper.

What started out as an initiative to increase efficiencies turned out to have a big added bonus: environmental friendliness. According to Rita Cobbler, order entry supervisor. "We had been manually faxing order acknowledgements and invoices as well as mailing many of them. Some were being mailed even after they were faxed, and some were mailed only. Either way, it involved huge amounts of paper including acknowledgement and invoicing paper forms and envelopes."

Since earlier this year when the new automated and paperless program was implemented, order acknowledgements and invoices are entered via computer and are then automatically emailed or faxed to the customer overnight. In a typical day, some 500 to 600 forms are sent via automation, which gives an idea of the pieces of paper saved just on a daily basis. "This is making a huge difference in many ways, and allows us to spend our time on more important things like the accuracy of orders for our customers," Cobbler said. If a current dealer wants to have their order acknowledgements or invoices emailed or faxed and is not currently receiving them, please contact Rita Cobbler at rcobbler@hookerfurniture.com.

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